Friday, January 11, 2008

I love Fridays.

The Friday girls were over, and Donna, they loved the Winter tablescape you put together for me for Christmas. They were impressed with the idea that you change it out with the seasons. They want you for a sister... I said no, no, she taken. They love the feathers over the snow that you sent along.. and they think that feathers would be appropriate for easter/spring too... you know, chickens.-.feathers...rabbits - feathers, well you get the picture.

While having coffee, they also looked at my window and fabric for my new kitchen curtain. They suggested, and I agree, that it should be a roman blind style rather than a frilly style. And after I provided samples of fabric, they all confirmed on one swatch. I love it too but was afraid it might be toooo much color. It was nice to get their's like free decorator consulting. See the swatch, it's gives nice color up against the cupboards and the new wallpaper. I like it I'm off to Fabricville tomorrow to purchase the fabric and the other stuff required to make the Roman blind for the kitchen. That'll be a project for next week or the week after the St. Dunstan's quilt is done.

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dp said...

I love the back splash. Andthe new curtain color is nice. Very lively and will put some punch in the whole kitchen.
I am glad they like the display. it will be fun to shop for other wreaths and stuff. Imagine that glass dish with a bunch of easter eggs in it or rubber ducks. hee hee