Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Quilt Socks * 3

I'm pleased that I have almost finished my 3 Crazy Quilt Christmas sock foundations.
You can see that the third sock is all foundation pieced in the 3 big pieces and all I have to do is to sew the 2 seams to join them.
My friend Lois developed this foundation scheme. My other friend Linda H. taught a CQ Sock class a while back and we wanted to spend as much time stitching as possible. So I suggested that in order to make the foundation in as little time possible, let's make a foundation pattern. So, that's when we asked Lois if she could design the 3 piece foundation plan so that it wasn't starting with the typical 5 sided foundation piece with the concentric pieces added on. And she did in no time flat. Actually she scratched it on a little piece of paper and then Linda H. and I transferred her design onto a full size pattern. And it works great. This will make a total of 6 socks that I've foundation pieced with this pattern.
After serging around 2 of the socks, The thread broke on my serger and I lost the tension and settings. I love my serger for all the little things I do on it, but I absolutely hate threading it and doing the adjustments on it to get a nice serge stitch.
Timing is everything. The first issue of CQ Online magazine for 2010is out. I know I'll get some inspiration here)
I'll have my serger up and running next week, and the third sock will be finished in time to take with me when we head south. I haven't decided the dates yet but I think I'll blog weekly about my crazy quilting progress on these socks. It'll probably be for a period of 6 weeks starting towards the end of February.
Want to join me?
(PS: The word serger is not in bloggers dictionary)


dp said...

I will come up and thread your serger! I am good at that, thanks to my Mother in Law.
Pretty colors for these three... I wonder what mine will look like. I don't mind waiting a year... should be a snap to make one sock, after doing three...

Linda H said...

They look great Gail. I know you're anxious to get going on them; I'll look forward to following your progress.
That sister of yours- she's not too subtle with the hints is she?? haha Looks like you'll have to do one for her too... Add her to your list...

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail,
I love the CQ pattern of the three socks. Great Piecing and I like all the creams fabrics. The best part is to come, all the lovely stitching. Have fun. Hugs Judy