Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Take-Along bag by Lazy Girl Designs

When I'm looking to do a simple project in an afternoon, I keep a list of people in my head who could use a Take-Along bag. This fat quarter friendly pattern is by Lazy Girl Designs and almost every quilter I know has one that they tote their sewing stuff in.

I've made them for a couple of soon-to-be moms. Along with the bag, I've included a drug store gift card and some maternity related items they might need while in the hospital. See the one I made for Denise here.

A couple of years ago, I made a Coffee Cat Bag and filled it with coffee inspired spa items for a Run for the Cure auction. I've made these same Coffee Cat bags for my three girls, my sister and her two girls. I loved using that java cat directional print just for these bags.

I was looking to do a small project yesterday before diving into finishing my blue quilt, so I pulled some fabrics from my stash to make a bag for myself to travel with.

Just after I finished making it, I realized I know 5 children who are old enough to have their own travel bag and it just so happens they'll all be taking a big trip soon. I also know a mom-to-be. While no sewing was done today, I did spend some time pulling fun fabrics, matching up zipper colors and cutting kits for the 6 bags. This will be a good sewing project for a day next week, maybe a snowy day! Watch for a picture of those finished bags after the next big snowfall.

Yep, the Take-Along bag.. it's one of those patterns I'll use for a long time yet.


dp said...

What... no comments... these bags are awesome. They are the perfect size, they give you so much freedom to choose wacky or sweet fabrics... they take 2 hours to make... and the buttons are the funnest part!!!
I love mine.. (Which is the latte cat bag) and I have made probably 20 of them (some of those with Gails assistance).. and I have even made several with solid black fabric and vibrant neon embroidery of the person's name on the bag as Christmas Gifts... come to think of it... I can blog that now... the surprise is over... yipee... love the bags..

Jill said...

Hi Gail,
I got a kindle for Christmas and I was hoping that you might take on the project of creating me a kindle sleeve/case...I have been looking on Etsy and see some styles that I like, but I'd rather send the business your way, if you're interested...

I LOVE, love, love the take along bag by the way!