Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take-Along bags II

It's hard to tell, but here are the sewn components to make the six take along bags that I spoke of last week. Last week I cut the kits out and said I would not allow myself to work on them until my blue quilt was done or a snow day came.

Well, my blue quilt is not done and we haven't had a snow day.

The kits were sitting on my cutting table and were just to irresistible not to do a little work on.

Here are the 12 sides: layered, sewn, trimmed, and turned right side out and pressed, and 6 zipper panels all sewn ready to be applied to the side panels.

That's it, I'm not working on these any more until my blue quilt is done.


dp said...

you are a nut.... I wish I had your sewing drive!

Linda H said...

Such control!!! But don't you find that sometimes having a project "waiting" gives you the push to get something else done? It works for me too! Can't wait to see that Blue Quilt! Have you come up with a name yet?