Sunday, January 31, 2010

My House Table Runner

Back in November on her blog, my sister showed you the house table runner that I made for her. I first saw this table runner at one of the Friday Girls homes, while there for coffee one Friday. I really really liked it and it reminded me of the company houses that were common in Sydney, Nova Scotia. My family moved there as my Dad approached retirement, and they would settle there for good. By that time, I was married and not living at home. But I did visit there often.

Note: This pattern is called Houses on the Common by Stitch and Split Applique.

Well, I wasn't the only one who liked the runner. All the Friday Girls loved it. So we all agreed that we would each make one too. We would make ours out of bali/batiks and we would each make some houses to trade with each other so that there is a wide variety of fabrics in our runner.

So I made enough houses to make two runners; one for my sister, and one for me. I finished my sisters back in November and had a chance to send it to her when her hubby was passing through. So I put a mad dash on to finish hers. Mine on the other hand, sat and sat without being finished

So, this week, with all my "must-do" projects behind me, and not wanting to start anything new before we go away, I pulled out my unfinished table runner. It was all pieced together, all I had to do was layer, quilt and bind. A great one-day project.

I'm very pleased with it. I'm not sure what my favorite part is. It could be the free-motion smoke coming from the chimneys, or the free motion flowers in the four side triangle, or the whimsical doorknobs I put on the doors, or the fancy round windows on the houses.

And also, don't you love this little set of small plates in a rack my daughter got me for Christmas. They are the perfect to use when I host the Friday Girls coffee break. I used them for the first time this past Friday. Don't they look nice on my new table runner.


Linda H said...

Love it Gail!! Great job!

dp said...

When I sit by myself at breakfast, I look at all the stitching.. and am amazed. Friday morning, i was amazed at the free stitch flowers in the corners... they were all different.. I know I saw them when I first got my runner, but I fell in love with them again on Friday.. like I had never seen them before... there are so many fun things to discover in my little neighbourhood of company houses!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail, Your table runner is awesome. Very very pretty. You motivate me to get moving on some of my projects that have been sitting around. Hugs Judy

Anonymous said...

I love the finished house runner. Your quilting is so perfect. Great job! Have fun in Florida. I will miss your blog until you get back. Lucy

Mary Davis said...

I LOVE this table runner and the one you made for your sister! The colors are fun and so cheerful! I especially love the quilted smoke curls! Is this pattern available somewhere? It is just charming!