Friday, January 22, 2010

Machine Quilting the Sampler

Earlier this week, I showed you the base for a free motion machine quilting sampler that myself and a couple of the other Friday girls are working on.

Last evening, as I sat down at my machine to start stitching, I had a bit of stitching fright... where do I start? will I do exactly what's in the picture? should I strive for even stitches or what? So many things to think about. It's a good thing that we were going to all bring our projects each week, because it forced me to at least start.

So I did this wavy line up the center of one of the furling frawn motifs. Is that even what it is...
I was so pleased at the progress that the other 2 Friday girls made.

This is Lee's progress. These mussel shell like curlies are very smooth and even.

And I love the great job she did on these lines that change direction. So nice and even. All the Friday girls loved them. I think I'll do that section next on my sampler.
Vivian had fun with the pebbling. We all think that the pebbles take way too long. But aren't hers nice... And her little wavy designs are so effective and soothing.
She also did these little leaf like designs. They are so nice and they turn every which way like they're supposed to. Nice job Vivian.
So I have my work cut out for me. This week, I need to relax a bit and just stitch.
Watch for another sampler update next Friday.


MissesStitches said...

Beautiful stitching, Gail! And to your quilting partners, too. Have you seen this website/blog of quilting patterns?

dp said...

what fun Gail.