Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take-Along Bags - The Final Episode

Did you see my sisters post today. She showed most of the nice take along bags she made for gifts this past year. They are so nice. The black backgrounds give such a great starting point for using the embroidery. I love the fonts that she used.

Last week, I showed you three of the Lazy Girl take along bags out of the six that I had made kits for.
Here are the final three that were on my to do list. The triplets are going soon to Disney for their 8th birthday. They know I'm making the bags and and they helped me pick out the fabrics from my stash. They call them their toothbrush bags.

Instead of buying them a gift for their birthday, they are getting US cash so they can spend it on souvenirs. I also got them a little travel gift of a McDonald's gift card for when they are on the long drive to the Portland airport. I hope Mom and Dad are planning a stop at McD's. Out of the fabric remnants, I made the Lazy Girl wonder wallets to put their cash and their McD's gift card in.

That's it, no more Lazy Girl projects for me ..... this week anyway!!

PS: I was thrilled to see that the Lazy Girl herself left me a nice message on my Library Bag blog post last week.


CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Good Day Gail,

Your take along bags are toooo cute and I am sure the triples will love them along with there lovely Lazy Girls wallets. I am sure they will have the most wonderful 8th birthday. Hugs Judy

Mary A. said...

Hi Gail, do you have the pattern for the Wonder Wallets on any of your blogs? I looked for it on the Lazy Girl website but no luck. I would to try to make some.
Mary A. in Dartmouth.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail - i have to commend both you and your sister on the beautiful bags. So your sister is also very talented!!! Nice to have things in common & sharing. You have a great blog. I plan to check out the link for the machine quilting. Great work. LB

Bettina said...

I've made several of the take alongs for gifts & they are always well received. they are great for men or women.