Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blowing out 26 candles

We had a big birthday supper today, with individual ice cream cone looking cupcakes for each of the birthday guests.

So here's a math problem. Can you figure out how old the kids are. There were a total of 26 candles blown out, and 3 kids are the same age.

Happy Birthday Caitlin, Grace, Mitchell and Aurora.


Unknown said...

Holy Math Problem BATMAN...lets see... if you divide 3 into 26 you get each of the are 9, and the baby is minus 1. That's wrong... hum... I think I will have to get out my calculator for this one..
Very cute cupcake ice cream cone cakes..

cpm said...

3 doesn't got into 26?!? oye i'm confused! This is way harder than the grade one math that i teach! lol!
Yummy looking cupcakes! MMmmmm!

cpm said...

wait! i just looked at the pic again! they are EIGHT!
8 X 3 = 24 but plus 2 candles for baby Aurora!!!
YAY! I'm so smart! lol!


Hey Gail, The birthday kids looked like they were having loads of fun at grandma house. The cupcakes were very festive. Hugs Judy