Saturday, January 16, 2010

A sick baby Aurora visits.

On Thursday baby Aurora came for a sick visit. She had a bug and couldn't go to daycare with the bug. The minute she got here, she seemed to be on the mend. After not eating for a day or two, she was getting her appetite back. When she got to the house, she went right to the cupboard and pulled out a pudding. She was enunciating "puuuuddddding" so I let her eat it. It was gone in a flash. She started on a second pudding and I thought I had better feed her some soup or something. So she had some chicken noodle soup. It went down almost as fast. I think the bug is over and she's getting back to her old self... that fast.

So everything was pretty normal on Friday. She was her busy self. All my little coffee break and sewing project plans went out the window. Grammie and grampie followed her around all day. We tried to take her for a walk at the Willie in her stroller, but she wanted to play hockey. That walk lasted 20 minutes. So home we came and we went out on the road for a little walk. She fell off a chair once while I was preparing supper and just about gave grampie a heart attack. Now ,to keep the peace, we don't let her on any chairs.

When it came time to eat supper, she didn't want any of the turkey pot pie we were having, and she started demanding pudding. "Puuuudddding", she was saying very clearly as if I didn't know what she was saying. ha ha... I knew very well what she was saying.
Do you think she got her pudding?
Yep, she did.
She's such a sweetie. How could I say no!!

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail, Aurora, Looks very much like a realy sweetie. Isn't that what grandma are for spoiling our grandchildren. I am glad she is feeling better again. Hugs Judy