Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun at Fabricville

I love a bargain. Any regular visitors to the Fredericton Fabricville store knows about their bargain shelf near the back of the store. I routinely look there for great finds. I've bought great fabric for Halloween costumes, or my more recent Egypt costumes.

Today, I came out of the store with 6+ meters of great stuff for my non-quilting stash. I always seem to find a small quantity of light or white light twill that I use to re-cover my ironing board cover with. My ironing surface is a home made big board and a meter and a half of this type of light twill is just perfect to lay over the board.

I also got a great piece of ecru colored silk like fabric, that will make a great linings for 3 CQ Christmas stockings that I'm getting ready to prepare the bases for.

The final piece of fabric is a 3 meter piece of lightly patterned heavier twill type of fabric. I don't know what I'll use it for, but I really like it.

But my greatest buy of the day is a H.A. Kidd 26 spool kit of threads for $15.00. Heaven knows that I have tons of thread, but this little kit has many colors of threads, and comes in a plastic case. It fits perfectly into my "sewing take-along bag". I keep this bag stocked with things that I will need if I go out sewing for the day.


dp said...

What an awesome bargain.. the threads look adorable... I need to stock up on threads!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you to get such good deals. It never would occur to me that i could recover my ironing board myself. I "thought" would buy a new cover. LB