Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Take Along bags

OK. I know you thought you were done with looking at all my Take along bags. I lied.

Here are the last of the Take-Along bags that I've made recently. I made an extra tall one for Patience to cart her personal stuff when she goes to the gym. And out of the same fabric to match her mothers, is a cute regular size bag for Baby Aurora.

People have asked where they can buy the Take Along bag pattern and the Wonder Wallet pattern. I've never seen a quilt shoppe that didn't carry the Lazy Girl patterns, so ask for it at your local quilt shoppe. Also, you can buy them at just about any quilting online store.

I also made Aurora a toothbrush bag for her to keep her toothbrush and toothpaste in at school (it's really daycare, but she calls it school) It's a modified rollie nester bag which is a free pattern from Studiokat Designs. Click here for the free pattern. It's the first time I've made this quick little pattern, but not the last time. It's so cute and so versatile. I'm not quite sure this little bag is big enough, so I'll make another one slightly bigger. It'll be a set. They don't take very long to make.

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Unknown said...

thanks for the bag links. I love all those purses, and I saved the rolo bag pattern.. I might try one of those tonight... !