Friday, January 29, 2010

Princess Dress Makeovers

Remember last summer, our grandkids were in a big family wedding in Nova Scotia. My sister and I had made all kinds of white dresses for the girls to wear. They were lined and double sashed with whimsical green flowers. They were sweet.

This week, in preparation of the triplets big trip to Disney next week, I did a mini-makeover on their white dresses so that they would have a princessey dress for the Breakfast with the Princesses while they are at Disney.

With a couple of yards of maroon organza, here is Princess Caitlin, with her poofy accents around her shoulders and double skirted overskirt, she is all ready to curtsy with the princesses at the Princess Breakfast. I wonder which princess she will like the best.
Here is Princess Grace.
She assisted in the design of her makeover dress. She wanted the front of her poofy overskirt to be curved open to reveal the white dressy dress underneath. She loved the shoulder detail and loved the pink button that was in the middle of her shoulder piece. She said that she is going to talk to Princess Aurora at the breakfast and tell her that she has a little cousin named Aurora.
And where was Prince Mitchell in all this fashion makeover. He's making a nice picture for my fridge using my wonderful Bargain Harley Faber Castel crayons.. He's not having anything to do with this Princess Breakfast stuff. He will do something special with his Dad on that day.


Lee said...

Great second use of those pretty dresses before they grow out of them! You are such a smarty pants grammy. The rest of us will never live up to your example!

Unknown said...

wow... brilliant idea... fun funfun

Anonymous said...

You are so talented. What a great way to use the wedding dresses for such an anticipated event. Disney! Lucy

MissesStitches said...

Adorable, Gail! Good job...


Wow, Gail you did a lovely job of making over those dresses. The girls looked so happy in them. You are a master at sewing. I loved their photo with there travel bags they were certainly ready to go. Hugs Judy