Sunday, May 23, 2010

Boys Only Job!

I'm at the cottage, but I thought I'd pre-post this.
The other day, I picked up the kids from school. Before coming home for the afternoon we took a drive over to my friend Linda H.'s plant sale. We looked at all her plants, and Grace had a nice little visit with Linda's cat Oliver.
On the way home, we discussed the logistics of planting the 3 plants we got. We tried to remember the name of the plants. All four of us forgot. I need to get Linda H. to leave me a comment on what the names of the plants.
It turns out that the triplets decided that planting plants was a "Boys Only" job. Mitchell would help Grampie plant the plants when he got home. We agreed, that the girls would sew, while the boys were planting. Because sewing was "Girl Stuff"

As you can see in the picture, Grace is just itching to get her hands in the dirt. I went in the house to get my sewing room ready for the kids, and I heard Grampie say, "Wash those hands Grace". Looks like the "Boys Only" work included Grace too.

The girls spent a long time picking out patches and bits of fabric to sew on and then took turns sewing. They are getting pretty good at sewing and can sew quite fast now. They are good at lifting the presser feet to pivot, clipping the threads just perfect, and pushing the right buttons for reverse and forward sewing.

Caitlin mastered something new today. She figured out the Alphabet sewing on the machine all by herself. She and Mitchell tested out several fonts and love that it can spell out names.
And look who is sewing after all. Not only did Mitchell some quilt patches and blocks, but he also sewed some of his name using the Alphabet function on my sewing machine.

I told the kids that since Patience didn't think she would use my mother's old sewing machine, that I would give it to them. They were excited.
I guess it's time to give them some proper sewing lessons.

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Linda H said...

If I remember correctly, you took some of the tall plant (with leaves that look like pot!): Filipendula or Meadowsweet or Queen of the Prarie - has big fluffy pink flowers in mid-summer. I think the other one was Japanese Anemone - lower, fall blooming. Did you get anything else??