Friday, May 14, 2010

I Spy Charm Swap

I made baby Aurora an I Spy Quilt before Christmas. It was the first one I ever made. I know now that I would make it differently and I want to make another with more blocks to spy. I also want to make one for Baby Lanaya.


One of my quilt buddies, Kathy F. and I are hosting an "I Spy Charm" fabric swap. We are looking for 40 swappers in the New Brunswick area. Won't you join us!

Here's what you will have to do.

1. Contact Gail or Kathy to register yourself as part of the swap.

2. Then cut 40 five inch squares each of 3 fabrics (total 120 squares). Fabrics must be good quality quilting cotton, washed, dried, and ironed before cutting into the 5 inch charm squares. Please put these 120 charms into a zip-lock type bag and include your name and phone number (in big print please) on a recipe card size paper in your package.

3. Deliver to one of your hostesses, Gail or Kathy at the addresses listed below by August 15th.


We will have the charm packs sorted out and re-packaged ready to distribute back to you by the first guild meetings in September. Extra charms that you donate will be used for community quilts.


If you would like to be part of the swap, you can contact me or leave a comment on this blogpost. A participant list and I spy ideas will be sent out to all those who register.


MissesStitches said...

I wish I could participate :-(
Maybe try a long-distance swap sometime in the future????? I'm hoping! :-)

Sandi Mac said...

Count me in. I assume that you would like this to be "novelty" prints?

Anonymous said...

I'm in to if I haven't said it before. Just trying to decide if I am in for one or two. LindaG

Denise said...

I would love to be in a swap. My new granddaughter is one month old and I would like to make a quilt for her when she is a little older (which gives me plenty of time!) that she can enjoy like my children and I enjoyed "I Spy" books.