Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Motion Challenge - Day 11

It was hard to get back started on my Free Motion Challenge after a 6 break. But once I got started, I was good to go.

First thing I did was finish the clam shells and circles in my wavy patch that I had started last week. I then moved on to do a feather (see demonstration below), then on to some Mctavishing and a wavy crosshatch. I really need to study the McTavishing. I like the look of it, but I need to understand how it's done and how to get out of a corner etc.

So, I'll add this little sampler to my little pile of samples that need to be bound.

Last week, one of the girls in the challenge asked how to make a split in a feather. I had been looking at my Dianne Gaudynski' book and in her feather diagram, I noticed that she puts a nice little tear shaped feather in the middle of the split. That way, you can feather on each side of the teardrop.

Do you see what I mean?


Joan said...

Thats fantastic Gail - and I love how you explained the feather in the middle - I was puting them there...but now I see why. I just love your quilting. Do you draw any of it first - I am afraid I do...and at present I have out-quilted myself and am playing with my pieces I have already done.You are doing so wonderfully !!

Mick said...

OH i love love love this one. It is my absolute favourite! You are inspiring me!

Karen said...

Oh wow, Gail - I just love looking at your quilting! I especially like the wavy lines and pebbles. You are doing such a fantastic job, can hardly wait to see some of this in your upcoming quilts! Totally amazing work you are doing.