Friday, May 28, 2010

Stack and Pivot

I'm down to the last few days of my Free Motion Challenge. I'm determined to finish a free motion sampler that I started in January.

I have about 6 of 12 sections done and I'm looking for new and different fills so I don't use the same fill twice in this piece. So, I turned to my Dianne Gaudynski book and thought her bananas were pretty nice. Her suggestion is to stack bananas for a bit then do some pivoting. So this is my very first attempt at stacking and pivoting. As you can see I'm very uneven in my stacking, but I know better now this will be the next fill I add to my sampler.

I met with the Friday Girls this morning and we had such a hard decision to choose our colors. We chose in Hockey Draft style. These are my threads. Four Piecing threads 50 wt, Four 28/2 weight threads, and three 40/2 threads.
I'm going to try them all out next week to see what they stitch out like.
Watch my blog tomorrow for some of my favorite quilts from the Maugerville Quilt Show we visited today. Those girls put on a wonderful show and everyone there is so friendly.


dp said...

so vibrant! I love your free motion sewing. you make it look so easy!

Joanne said...

You ended up with some very pretty thread.
The bananas look great too!

MissesStitches said...

Are you familiar with Leah Day's quilting blog?

She has great quilting filler designs. Yours are looking really great!

Karen said...

Oddly enough, I contemplated using that same filler in a quilt this week. After stitching a sample, I decided 2 things: 1) it takes a long time to do a large background and 2) it's really busy when you get a lot of it together. I was wanting something to make some fleur-de-lis motifs stand out, but they were lost in a sea of swirls. (Glad I did a sample piece first...)I look forward to see how you use it in a quilt.