Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Motion Challenge - Day 8, 9 & 10

I did finish the feathers on my spicy runner early on Monday morning. I thought that all I would do is feathers, but I do need fillers after all on this runner. The edges are way to wavy for my liking so I am hoping that the fillers will help to flatten them down.

From the back, you can see I have some nice spaces to work the fillers in.

Day 9 - I had unexpected dental surgery and I didn't do much sewing in the past couple of days. But I did make a few practice sandwiches and started to get the feel of what McTavishing is. I haven't looked into it too deep, or watched any videos, but here is my first little try at it.

I finished off the block and oops, I slipped back into a little comfort zone and did a little feather. I'm really getting to feel comfortable with feathers. I haven't done any echoing around the feather, so this is my first little attempt do do that. I like it.
I was reading through my Dianne Gaudynski book and I see a nicest of stitches that have long wavy lines, some clam shells and circles in the wavy lines. Here you can see that I'm just working on the clam shells.
I'm done sewing for the long weekend because we're going to the cottage and my sister is visiting.
I'll resume my challenge starting Tuesday or Wednesday.
Happy Victoria Day. God Save our Gracious Queen.


bargello said...

Hey gail, maybe you could bring your new gadget so that we can see it!
Love your free motion progress!

Joan said...

Hi Gail...your quilting is great ...I like your McTavishing...I like it...but I am not at all comfortabel with it. Waiting to see more of your clam shells...I do like the way you 'break into' you feathers...I till havnt go the hang of - just doing it all. I guess it comes - but - I am really enjoying what YOu are doing...

Joan said...

Spelling is haywire as usual :)

Mary said...

You are doing so well with your free motion quilting!

Wendy said...

Lovely work! I'm no good at clamshells and long lines of anything. So, kudos to you for doing so well at those. Your McTavishing looks great!