Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grand Opening

Actually today, we opened our cottage, and it's at Grand Lake. So I've been calling it the Grand Opening all day. We're bushed. We had a busy day opening up the cottage. That means taking down the winter security curtains, putting up the good curtains. Then the clean up of the dead flies etc. Then washing dishes, sweeping floors, making the beds, putting stuff away, getting the water going, and on and on. I tried to have a bit of a rest outside on the lawn chair, since it was sooo beautiful today, but the mosquitoes and black flies were really bad. We only have one little problem at the cottage to deal with. No hot water, but we have a repair guy on the way so we should be comfy for the weekend.

I was pleased to see that my flowers are all coming up nicely. I was glad to see my bleeding heart had blooms. This single branch of blooms was so pretty.

And of course the delicate little violets are out in nice little clusters all over the lawn.

This weekend, my sister and family will be coming for a visit. See she bought a new Pfaff sewing machine and we'll be taking lessons on it on Saturday. I can hardly wait. And on Sunday, Aurora will be visiting and she'll get a chance to play in the Kids Cottage. Do you see it in the background of the Violets. It's so cute.


Joanne said...

Looks like your cottage is in a beautiful spot!
Have fun this weekend with your sister.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Gail, The Kids Cottage is very very cute. I am sure your grand daughter will love playing in it. My bleeding hearts are all in full bloom. I have them in pink and white. Your violets are very lovely too. Is your cottage at Grand Lake far from your HOME?? Have a fun weekend with your Sister. Hugs Judy