Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grace and the Dress

Grace is just delighted with her new dress. She is pleased with the pink accents and her design decisions.
To add interest, she wanted pink details such as the pleated sash. She chose to have dark skinny straps on the dress rather than wider straps. The pink scarf is a complementary accessory because there was some of the pink fabric left over.

Here her sister Caitlin is helping her with different ways to wear the optional scarf.

Her party dress has a nice fullness so that she can twirl.
Here is the dress with the scarf which is loose around the neck and the ends fall to the back.
The pink sash is a cumber bun style with pleats. Just what Grace wanted. She loved that extra little detail and got the idea from a dress she saw on a mannequin in Fabricville.
For a less formal look, here is the dress without the scarf.
Grace thinks this dress is perfect because her friend loves purple and she designed this dress to go to this friends party. The party invitation requested that the girls bring a favorite outfit because there will be a fashion show. Grace is quite proud of her dress.
Don't you think she is so cute!


Vicki W said...

It's adorable!

Joanne said...

Fantastic! How lucky you are that you get to make such pretty things for someone special!!

dp said...

Stunning dress and spectacular model!! You know, Caitlyn will find a reason to get a dress made too... very soon.!

Linda H said...

Grace's dress is lovely, and what a beautiful model she is. I'm sure she'll be the hit of the party AND the Fashion Show!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress. I bet Caitlyn is drawing already. Linda G.

Lee said...

BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL!! and great team work.

Anonymous said...

Grace will definitely be the winner of the fashion show! So beautiful - as I knew it would be. The excitement in Grace's face must be worth the effort. Way to go grammie!

Joan said...

Grace looks so wonderful in her very special dress :)